Too Many/ Too Soon: Vaccine Concerns
​Parents worry that giving too many vaccines too soon may overwhelm a baby’s immune system. Consider the following:

Babies are exposed to many more antigens every day than what they will get in the vaccines. Antigen exposure happens every time they eat, play on the floor or put a toy or anything in their mouth.
Although infants do receive a lot of shots, they are given at the time babies are most at risk of illness and serious complications from the disease.
The diseases that vaccines prevent are very serious and can cause, liver damage, heart disease, or hearing loss, all of which can last a lifetime, or even death in some cases.
Vaccines have a long history of being well-studied to make sure that it is safe to give them all at once.
Even though children get more vaccines today than they did in the past, the number of total antigens is fewer. Much fewer than all the antigens taken in by mouth in a day of an infant.